Kiwilanders New Zealand

Welcome to Kiwilanders New Zealand

Here begins the experience of your dreams

Welcome to Kiwilanders New Zealand

Here begins the experience of your dreams


30-Day Membership

9.90 $NZD


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What you will find inside the Kiwilanders platform?

Fantastic people like you, ready to share their experience and willing to help each other.

A community free of SPAM and SCAMS, a safe place like no other.

Locals living in New Zealand offering their services, such as accommodation, immigration advice, etc

Travelers who made New Zealand their home for a long time now and act as a moderator, they will accommodate and respond to all your questions. 24/7

Offering exclusive travel content such as itineraries, guides, travel apps, and exclusive deals from travel-related businesses.

Validated hosts offering accommodation.

A marketplace to buy and sell goods, such as cars, campervans, travel stuff, etc.

A job noticeboard with regulated job offers and reputable recruiters.

Exclusive access to post content on the Kiwilanders Backpacker Network, which boasts over 70,000 members.

Exclusive access to list your car or items for sale on the Kiwilanders Buy & Sell Network, which has over 60,000 members

And… lastly, good vibes only! We encourage travelers to join Kiwilanders only if they're coming with their positivism at its best, you will be more than welcome to participate and be part of the community! πŸ™‚

See you inside our APP & Safe Travels!

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