Best Coffee in Queenstown, New Zealand

Best Coffee in Queenstown

☕ Introduction to the Best Coffee in Queenstown

Queenstown isn’t just a destination for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts; it’s a haven for those who appreciate the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

In this coffee exploration, we’ll delve even deeper into the heart of Queenstown’s coffee culture, uncovering local gems and enhancing your understanding of the city’s rich caffeinated landscape.

1. Local Coffee Passion Unveiled

In Queenstown, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a passion that locals embrace daily. From dawn to dusk, the city resonates with the hum of coffee grinders and the aromatic allure of freshly brewed blends.

Local cafés don’t just serve coffee; they curate an experience, making each cup a moment to savour.

2. Grab-and-Go Marvel

Life’s a Grind (Stanley Street)

Queenstown’s iconic silver Life’s Grind caravans have become synonymous with exceptional coffee. A beloved choice for locals, these retro-style caravans grace markets and events across Queenstown.

Conveniently located on Stanley Street, opposite the bus stop, this caffeine haven is staffed by friendly local baristas serving up Allpress coffee, delightful hot chocolates, a variety of teas, and a tempting selection of delicious slices.

For a lasting treat, secure a loyalty card – the 10th coffee is on the house!

Life's grind

The Coffee Hatch (Camp Street)

Located on Camp Street, The Coffee Hatch may be tiny, but it packs a punch in delivering a solid cup of joe. Fueled by locally roasted Octane coffee beans, the brew emanates strength, complemented by the warm and welcoming staff.

Situated conveniently across from the Snow Centre, The Coffee Hatch has become the go-to spot for those craving quality coffee on the move.

The Coffee Hatch

Mackenzie Coffee (Cow Lane)

Originating from the heart of Mackenzie country, Mackenzie Coffee’s journey is a tale of transition. Initially, dairy farmers, the Wyatt family shifted to selling tea in the 1960s.

Riding the wave of the coffee revolution in the 1990s, the team at Mackenzie Coffee Co. has been crafting their own roasted espresso ever since. An authentic South Island brew awaits those in motion. Mackenzie Coffee’s speciality espresso bar on Cow Lane in the heart of Queenstown actively promotes sustainability.

Encouraging patrons to eschew single-use items, they provide options from their mug library, Chunky loan cups, or your reusable cup. Their philosophy? “Whatever the vessel, our team will use it for your favourite brew.”

Mackenzie Coffee

3. Local Roasts and Flavors to Savor

Local roasters emerge as the architects shaping the city’s distinctive coffee culture. Let’s delve into the unique offerings of Queenstown’s coffee artisans:

Arthur’s (Ballarat Street)

    • Discover the ‘Tāhuna Blend’: Arthur’s, located on Ballarat Street, unveils the ‘Tāhuna blend’ by Black Lab roasters – a smooth symphony with enticing notes of chocolate, nuts, and spice.
    • New Wave Roasters: The dedication of Queenstown’s newest roasters is evident in every cup, reflecting a commitment to innovation and flavour exploration.
    • Sustainability Perk: Bring your reusable cup to Arthur’s, contributing to the city’s sustainability efforts and enjoying a well-deserved discount, reinforcing the ethos of mindful consumption.

Arthur's Coffee

Bean Around the World (Athol Street)

    • A Legacy of Excellence: Operating as a family-run roastery on Athol Street since 1995, Bean Around the World has perfected the art of crafting award-winning blends.
    • Arrow Gold Blend: Their blend stands tall as a richly flavoured masterpiece, offering coffee enthusiasts a sensory journey through the finest flavours.
    • Consistency Over Time: With decades of expertise, Bean Around the World symbolizes a commitment to consistency, ensuring each cup delivers an exceptional experience.

Bean Around the World

Patagonia Chocolates (Rees Street and Queenstown Mall)

    • Beyond Chocolate: Patagonia Chocolates, strategically located at the corner of Rees Street and Queenstown Mall, goes beyond satisfying chocolate cravings to claim the title of creating the town’s best mocha since 2012.
    • Ethical Sourcing: Embracing sustainability, Patagonia Chocolates utilizes Arabica beans sourced from ethical growers, adding a layer of ethical consciousness to every cup.
    • Mocha Royalty: With a reputation for crafting the town’s best mocha, Patagonia Chocolates invites coffee lovers into a world where chocolate and coffee harmonize to create a delightful sensory experience.

Patagonia Chocolates

4. Laid-Back Cafés for Leisurely Moments

Queenstown opens its doors to cafés that go beyond serving coffee – they offer an opportunity to unwind, appreciate, and revel in the moment. Let’s explore these laid-back havens:

Yonder (Church Street):

    • Chic Vibes: Located on Church Street, Yonder welcomes patrons with a chic ambience that sets the stage for a laid-back experience.
    • Supreme Coffee Excellence: Beyond being a hub for excellent Supreme coffee, Yonder stands out for its commitment to elevating the coffee experience.
    • Speciality Coffees and Events: Yonder isn’t just a café; it’s a cultural hub featuring speciality coffees and hosting live music events. The atmosphere invites patrons to while away the hours in a harmonious blend of caffeine and artistic expression.


Marmolada (Camp Street):

    • Central Accessibility, Relaxed Atmosphere: Marmolada, strategically located on Camp Street, perfectly balances central accessibility and a laid-back atmosphere.
    • Scandinavian-Inspired Retreat: The café’s Scandinavian-style décor creates an inviting retreat, inviting patrons to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
    • Cabinet Food and Hot Drinks: Marmolada’s menu features a range of delectable cabinet food and hot drinks, transforming the café into a haven for leisurely coffee.


5. Tea, Treats, and Indulgence

In the realm of Queenstown’s cafés, sweetness takes center stage alongside the rich aroma of coffee. Let’s explore the havens of indulgence that go beyond coffee, offering an exquisite experience for those with a penchant for treats:

Vudu Café and Larder (Rees Street):

    • Local Favorite: Situated on Rees Street, Vudu Café and Larder has secured its place as a long-time local favorite, celebrated for its fantastic vegan offerings and delectable cakes crafted with local produce.
    • Must-Try Carrot Cake: For those with a sweet tooth, the carrot cake at Vudu is a must-try. It’s a delectable journey into the perfect blend of flavours and textures.

Bespoke Kitchen (Isle Street):

    • Award-Winning Excellence: Awarded New Zealand’s Best Café in 2016, Bespoke Kitchen is a culinary gem, standing out for its commitment to organic, gluten-free, raw, and vegan food.
    • Culinary Artistry: Beyond the accolades, Bespoke Kitchen showcases culinary artistry through beautifully decorated cakes, raw slices, and an extensive selection of speciality drinks. From teas to kombucha, chai, and matcha, each sip is a testament to their dedication to culinary excellence.

Vudu Café

6. Breathtaking Views with Every Sip

Let’s explore the cafés where every sip is a visual and gustatory delight:

The Bathhouse (Queenstown Gardens):

    • Historical Gem: A historical gem built in 1911, The Bathhouse near Queenstown Gardens is more than a café; it’s a testament to the city’s rich history.
    • Lakeside Elegance: With its lakeside location and regal crown-like architecture, The Bathhouse offers an elegant setting to savour your coffee while immersing yourself in quintessential Queenstown views.
    • Coffee by the Lake: Picture yourself by the lake, sipping your favourite brew as you soak up the stunning scenery – an experience that turns your coffee break into a visual feast.

Nest Kitchen + Bar (Fernhill):

    • Alfresco Dining Elevated: Nest Kitchen + Bar in Fernhill takes alfresco dining to new heights, both literally and figuratively, offering not just coffee but a sensory journey with spectacular views and a bustling atmosphere.
    • Popular Panorama: Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to make a booking in advance to secure your spot. This ensures you can leisurely savor your coffee along with the panorama stretching before you, making each sip a moment of sheer delight.

The Bathhouse

7. Exploring Beyond Central Queenstown

Expand your coffee odyssey by venturing beyond the heart of Queenstown. The outskirts offer a diverse tapestry of coffee experiences, each woven with the unique charm of its location:

  • Arrowtown: In historic Arrowtown, the cosmopolitan café culture effortlessly blends with the town’s heritage charm. Explore quaint streets and discover cafés where the rich aroma of coffee intertwines with the historical essence of the surroundings.
  • Glenorchy: Venture to Glenorchy, where coffee spots align seamlessly with the tranquil surroundings. Amidst nature’s beauty, savor your brew in an atmosphere that echoes the serenity of the landscape.
  • Frankton (20-minute Drive): Take a 20-minute drive to Frankton for a more bustling experience. Unveil an array of cafés amidst shopping precincts around the airport, with some seemingly floating over the water on the shores of Lake Whakatipu’s Frankton Arm.

Other coffee spots

🧑‍💻 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Best Coffee in Queenstown

1. What makes Queenstown’s coffee culture unique?

Queenstown’s coffee culture stands out for its blend of local rituals and a commitment to excellence. Cafés curate an experience, turning each cup into a moment to savor.

2. Where can I find the best grab-and-go coffee options in Queenstown?

Explore Life’s a Grind on Stanley Street, known for its iconic silver caravans and Allpress coffee. The Coffee Hatch on Camp Street is perfect for those on the move, offering robust Octane coffee in a convenient location.

3. Are there loyalty programs for coffee enthusiasts in Queenstown?

Yes, Life’s a Grind offers a loyalty card where every 10th coffee is complimentary. It’s a local’s secret to enjoying the best brews while saving.

4. What sets Mackenzie Coffee apart from other coffee spots in Queenstown?

Mackenzie Coffee, located on Cow Lane, crafts its espresso with a unique South Island touch. Originating from a dairy farming background, they’ve been serving their roasted espresso since the 1990s, making them a true local gem.

5. How does Mackenzie Coffee promote sustainability?

Mackenzie Coffee actively encourages patrons to avoid single-use items. Whether it’s a mug from their library, a Chunky loan cup, or your reusable cup, their team is more than happy to use any vessel for your favorite brew.

6. Can I find specialty coffee options in Queenstown?

Absolutely! Arthur’s on Ballarat Street offers the ‘Tāhuna blend’ by Black Lab roasters, providing a smooth and flavorful experience. Bean Around the World on Athol Street is another gem, serving award-winning coffee roasted locally in the Whakatipu basin.

7. Where can I enjoy coffee with a view in Queenstown?

The Bathhouse near Queenstown Gardens is a historical gem with lakeside views, offering a perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Nest Kitchen + Bar in Fernhill boasts alfresco dining with spectacular views, making it a popular choice.

8. Are there cafés beyond central Queenstown worth exploring?

Yes, venture to Arrowtown and Glenorchy for a taste of Queenstown’s cosmopolitan café culture in heritage settings. Frankton, a 20-minute drive away, also offers a variety of cafés around the airport with stunning lake views.

9. How can I contribute to Queenstown’s coffee sustainability efforts?

Embrace reusable options, participate in loan cup programs, and choose cafés like Mackenzie Coffee that actively promote eco-friendly practices. Small steps collectively make a big impact in preserving Queenstown’s vibrant coffee culture.

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