Travel to New Zealand During Spring

Travel to New Zealand during spring

🎑 Introduction to Travel to New Zealand During Spring

New Zealand wakes up when winter gets less cold, and the sun gets warmer. It’s covered in flowers and bright green plants. Spring is a time to explore when nature wakes up in many colours.

In this guide, we’ll go on a trip through the fresh landscapes, exciting festivals, and outdoor fun that make spring the best time to discover why New Zealand is so beautiful.

1. Weather and Climate

Spring in New Zealand happens from September to November. It’s like the country waking up from a chilly winter. Understanding the weather helps plan a comfy and fun spring getaway.

  • Enjoy mild daytime temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius (50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Expect some rain now and then, especially in early spring.
  • But don’t worry; the sunshine and rain make everything green and pretty.
  • Enjoy the mix of sunny and rainy days, making everything look bright and lively.
  • The plants love it, and the whole place becomes a colourful and beautiful scene.

weather in spring

2. Outdoor Adventures

  • Lovely Walks: Take pretty walks on New Zealand’s beautiful trails. In spring, flowers bloom, and nature looks impressive. Try the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for fantastic views.
  • Bike Rides: Go for a bike ride in the countryside. Spring has cool weather and pretty flowers, making biking super fun. Explore places like Queenstown’s biking trails.
  • Beach Adventures: Visit the beach during spring. Abel Tasman Coast Track has beautiful coasts and trails. You can walk by the water, feel the breeze, and see more sea animals.
  • Water Fun: Try water activities when it gets warmer. Kayak in clear lakes or rivers. Whether it’s Lake Wanaka or Buller River, there’s something for everyone.
  • Watch Animals: Spring is when animals are more active. Take tours to see birds, seals, and dolphins. Otago Peninsula and Kaikoura are great places for animal lovers.
  • Adventure Parks: Have an exciting time in adventure parks. Try ziplining and bungee jumping surrounded by nature. Queenstown is full of parks for adventure and pretty views.
  • Warm Pools Relaxation: Relax in natural hot springs as it gets warmer. Rotorua and Hanmer Springs are known for warm pools. Enjoy the warmth and the beautiful views.

activities in spring

3. Spring Festivals and Events

Taranaki Garden Festival (October)

  • Look at the lovely gardens in Taranaki. They have many different plants and cool designs.
  • Take part in guided tours and workshops. Learn more about gardening and get cool ideas for your own garden.

Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival (October)

  • Celebrate the arts in Hawke’s Bay with a diverse music, dance, theatre, and visual arts program.
  • Engage with local and international artists as they showcase their talent in this vibrant festival.

Spring Sheep Shearing Festival (October)

  • Experience a unique Kiwi event in the heart of Canterbury, celebrating New Zealand’s agricultural heritage.
  • Watch live sheep shearing demonstrations, participate in farm activities, and enjoy local food and music.

📌 More information about events and festivals around New Zealand can be found in the following article: 7 Best Events and Festivals in New Zealand

events and festivals in spring

4. Scenic Landscapes

Cherry Blossom Viewing

  • Alexandra, Central Otago: Explore the enchanting orchards filled with cherry blossoms, creating a picturesque scene.
  • Cornwall Park, Auckland: Witness the blooming cherry blossoms in the heart of Auckland, providing a serene escape.

Lakes and Fjords

  • Lake Tekapo: Marvel at the stunning turquoise lake surrounded by blooming lupins against the backdrop of the Southern Alps.
  • Milford Sound: Cruise through the majestic fiord as spring brings waterfalls to life and enhances the lush greenery.


5. Culinary Delights

Food and Wine Festivals

    • Marlborough Wine and Food Festival (February/March): While technically in late summer, this festival often spills into early spring, offering a delightful showcase of local wines and gourmet cuisine.
    • Hawke’s Bay Food and Wine Classic (F.A.W.C!) (November): Indulge in the culinary delights of Hawke’s Bay as top chefs and winemakers come together for this gastronomic celebration.

Farmers’ Markets

      • Explore vibrant farmers’ markets across the country, where spring brings an abundance of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and locally crafted treats.

cuisine and food events

6. Practical Tips

  • Accommodation and Bookings: Spring is a popular time to visit, so book accommodations in advance, especially in tourist hotspots.
  • Layers and Waterproofs: Pack layers for changing temperatures, and bring waterproof clothing for occasional spring showers.
  • Spring Driving: Enjoy scenic road trips, but be cautious of variable weather conditions and potential road closures in alpine areas.
  • Wildlife Awareness: Respect wildlife during the breeding season; maintain a safe distance and follow responsible wildlife viewing practices.



Spring in New Zealand is a symphony of renewal, with whole blossoms, wildlife awakening, and landscapes transforming into a canvas of vibrant colours.

Embrace the freshness of spring in New Zealand, where every moment becomes a celebration of life, growth, and the beauty surrounding you.

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